Blogging Grows Your Business

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Here at Citywide SEO, we often give suggestions and advice about how to make small tweaks to your small-business marketing strategy and improve your online presence. As we’ve discussed multiple times in our blog section, one of the biggest factors in your online presence is the content of your website. […]

Back in 2013, Google announced their Enhanced Campaigns where they paired devices together to try and promote mobile-first campaigns. Not long after, Bing took the same initiative. I realize that I’m biased – and have posted in these blogs before about the reasons I favor device-specific campaigns when putting together […]

A New Google Layout is Coming

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Google Announces New Desktop Layout Coming Soon We’ve talked a lot in the past few blog updates here at Citywide about how Google is consistently announcing new features, functions and designs. Latest in the newest roll-out is an update to the Google desktop interface. For those who don’t speak geek, […]

Last July, Google rolled out their “popular times” feature and made it easier to for customers to see what were the busiest and slowest hours for many popular businesses. This helped make it easier for customers to avoid lines, get their products quicker, or show up whenever the business was […]