Let’s face it. In many ways, San Antonio is not the poster-child for trendy, techy, online-savvy cities. Many businesses still run ads in the actual Yellow Pages here in San Antonio and the “good ol’ boy” network is still in full effect. That being said, the struggle for me as […]

Get Better Conversions from AdWords by Using Extensions I spend a lot of time putting out blogs about how to maximize your small business advertising online – and in particular how to avoid common mistakes with Pay-Per-Click ads – but for this update, I wanted to look at one feature […]

If you’re not into the digital marketing scene (or one of those business owners who is consistently looking to see where their website is ranked on a daily basis), you probably didn’t notice some subtle but very important changes to the SEO rankings in the Google Maps section. In late […]

How to Avoid Wasting Money with PPC

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I work with a lot of small businesses in San Antonio that are – to put it politely – novices at managing their online Google Adwords campaigns. No matter what type of business I work with, I continue to see the same small business marketing mistakes. Here are a few […]