Avoid Keyword Stuffing This Thanksgiving

ON Nov 23rd, 2016 BY / Comments Off On Citywide SEO Earns

So, you’re trying to do you own SEO for your small business? That’s fantastic. There’s a lot of value in that, and if you’re able to do it well, you can really impact your business in a positive manner. However, there’s also a lot of opportunity to fall into some […]

Let’s face it: the lowest search volumes for most businesses occur in the months between October and December. Good news: you’re almost through it. Bad news: there’s still the ENTIRE month of December. Don’t be discouraged. There are options available to help you promote your business during these potentially bleak […]

Short-Tail Keywords Waste Your Money

ON Nov 07th, 2016 BY / Comments Off On Citywide SEO Earns

I blame the Yellow Pages. Or YP.com, if you’re looking for someone to blame in the 21st century. It’s all their fault. Someone has been lying to business owners for years and has created a false understanding of how keywords and marketing work. The lie goes something like this: You […]

Let’s face it. In many ways, San Antonio is not the poster-child for trendy, techy, online-savvy cities. Many businesses still run ads in the actual Yellow Pages here in San Antonio and the “good ol’ boy” network is still in full effect. That being said, the struggle for me as […]

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