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Capturing the word-of-mouth opinions of your business has always been one of the most important and successful tools in growing your business. In today’s digital world, word-of-mouth now revolves around reviews, referrals and your online reputation. Managing your business’s image online isn’t only critical; it is a necessity. With the customer now having numerous options to choose from, you need to showcase that your business will best fit their needs and provide them with the excellent service you offer. Below are a few of the benefits our reputation management service provides to our clients:

Reputation Management Process

  • Getting Positive Reviews

    You do great work for your customers, right? Wouldn’t you like others to know that, as well? Our review management software, Rev, will reach out to your clients and customers on your behalf through email and text message prompting them to give you feedback about your service. This feedback can be published automatically on Yelp, Google, Facebook, HealthGrades, and a variety of other review sites.

  • Gain Referrals

    Not only can we help you gain more positive reviews and decrease the impact of your negative reviews, but we can also help your business get referrals from your current clients! Our Rev program contacts your clients on your behalf through email or text message and offers them an incentive for referring their friends and family. Everyone knows the best lead is a referral, and our program is specifically designed to help turn your current clients into online ambassadors for your business.

  • Avoiding Negative Reviews

    Negative reviews can really harm your business. Customers who see a negative overall review score are 10 times less likely to choose that business for their needs. To make matters worse, most websites do not allow a business to remove negative reviews, even if there is a rational, logical explanation to the situation. While we can’t remove your negative reviews, we can create a professional response to help minimize their impact. 70% of customers are willing to forgive a negative review if the business tries to address the issue.

  • Push Offers and Promotions

    Finally, our Rev program allows you to leverage your client base and turn customers into long-term, repeat clients. With this program, you can push specials, promotions, incentives and rewards to your current customer base to reward them for being loyal to your brand. Everyone loves to feel special and appreciated, and a discount or offer that shows up directly in their email or text messages is a great way to show your gratitude while simultaneously building long-term loyalty to your business.

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