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We Connect You to Your Customers

Social media is something that many, almost everyone, uses regularly. When you have a business that needs to be seen, but you are not using social media to your advantage, you might find it incredibly difficult to reach potential clients and customers.

Social media is an important marketing tactic that is used in many businesses. Make sure it is being implemented correctly for yours. At Citywide SEO, we can help.

Advertise More Effectively
Social media is one way to advertise, but if you’re not doing so effectively, then you might not be getting as much attention as you could be. We can help with any social media account that you own, or even make new ones if you don’t have them, so you have something to show for the social aspect of your business.

Social Media is the Future
Social media is the future of all marketing campaigns. It is the future of all communications and correspondences. It is something that businesses need to use to their advantage when trying to grow in the market. If you are not using social media, you are missing out on sales, clients, and customers. Period.

We Focus Our Targets on Your Audience
We focus on your audience, so you can make sure that you’re utilizing the social media platform to your advantage. Getting likes and building up a customer base is one thing, but if you can target the audience that is going to bring in sales, then that is another. This is why we are here to help.

Why Choose Us as Your Social Media Guru?
We know social media and have been using it since its inception. We know how profitable it can be when it is done right, for the businesses that utilize it.

We can help businesses with their growth and their prosperity. That way, you can feel much more confident in being able to move forward with the social media campaigns that you need to grow as a business.

We can help you grow your following with confidence, so you can make a name for yourself in the social world around you. You don’t even have to learn how to use it, we can do that for you.

Here at Citywide SEO, we provide social media marketing services that deliver results. We can build your account for you, make sure it has the right amount of information, and ensure that you get more clients and customers than before.

Let us build your brand through social media marketing.

Give us a call today and we can talk about turning your business around.


  • Social Media Strategy Development

    Creating a plan of action is our first step to increasing your engagement and success on your social media platforms. Our team investigates your business and your current online voice to create a concise and professional strategy that connects all of your social media outlets with clear and effective content. When you come onboard with Citywide, we complete a deep dive on your business to find out where your social media strategy is thriving currently and the areas we can improve and revamp. With our research in hand, we develop your comprehensive social plan across all the major platforms including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google+, and more!

  • Promoted Content

    New to social media? Missing the amount of followers you’d need to get viral visibility? Want to build more awareness of your products and services to customers who don’t even know your brand? Paid social media ads are the perfect way to accomplish these objectives! Our social media superstars here at Citywide work with you to determine the perfect target audience for your brand and then hit their social profiles with engaging and dynamic ad content. Through social media ads, you are able to broadcast your business content directly to customers who match the interests and demographics you serve. Let our team put your business on the map with highly targeted social media ads!

  • Engaging Your Customers

    Once the social strategy has been created and put into action, our goal is to drive viewers to your brand’s accounts and increase the opportunities for interaction and engagement. Our team creates custom content for posts, including images and videos, to foster positive engagement from your followers to encourage them to further build your brand’s awareness online. Utilizing specialized social tactics is what helps even successful social profiles increase their effectiveness across all platforms.

  • Reporting

    We give you the facts by creating a straightforward, comprehensive and transparent report to outline the strategy and effectiveness of your campaign. Every month you receive all the necessary information to show what your social strategy has accomplished, what goals are set and the steps we are taking to further improve on our performance. Through our consistent communication, you remain involved with the campaign along every step of the way.

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