Businesses are facing extreme difficulties as the global economy is impacted by the coronavirus, but there is hope. With so many companies being forced to shut down operations, you may be looking for ways to survive like other Americans shifting their budgets. Our advice is to stay positive, readjust your strategy, and continue your digital marketing efforts. History shows us that you stand to gain more by not cutting your budget during an economic downturn.

Although much is at a standstill, this situation will be over eventually. Business owners will need to position themselves to meet their revenue goals in the fiscal second half of 2020. Think of this as a small disruption to your business so that you keep from being left behind your competitors in the race to regain any potentially lost revenue.

Given the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Citywide Digital Marketing is committed to ensuring that we can continue to support our new and existing customers. If you need assistance, please contact us at (210) 200-8924 or request an appointment online.

Perhaps, you need a growth-driven website redesign. Citywide’s website design professionals can overhaul your website to reflect and align with your objectives. Our experts will review your website and provide a CRO review to ensure that all call-to-action converts potential customers. We will also help you increase your strategies for optimization by doing an SEO audit. These are complimentary service and will be done remotely.

Our agency is ready to meet with you and your business to assist in overcoming the current challenges you are facing online. Our professionals know that different industries have different problems. We collaborate with you to determine effective practices that are tailored to your business. As a business owner, you will have to be savvy and create alternative solutions.

Fitness Trainers and Yoga Instructors may want to use Facebook groups to live broadcast sessions online, so members can still enjoy their services from home. This practice can help reduce the loss of monthly income and help customers who are dealing with stress at this time. New members can sign up through a website and communicate with you directly through an integrated Messenger bot. We can also use automation tools to share daily routines via Messenger bot or email.

Attorneys can present themselves as trusted advisors who can lead in a time of crisis by making 100% of their services online. Offer the ability for clients to book their initial or full consultation through an online video call. Potential clients will be able to view the availability of your experienced legal personnel who may lack computer literacy. Provide advice on your website about common legal issues that arise during times of crisis. Create useful and high-quality content about the main problems people will deal with and what they can do about them.

I hope this gets some gears turning and has you thinking about other ways to operate your business during the economic downturn. Although you need to generate new leads, don’t let your existing customers fall by the wayside. Use your website to communicate urgent information to your customers so that the business continues as smoothly as possible.

Below are a few suggestions:

Website Banner Notification – Professionals in the medical or education industry may want to place a temporary banner at the top of their website. This practice is an efficient way to update visitors and can be adjusted or removed later. Contact us if you need help with editing your website in this manner.

Business Continuity Plan Post/Page – For your customers and community, your website is a critical information hub. Consider publishing your continuity plan so that customers know your status during and after this crisis. Share the plan as a new page or blog on the website and place the link in the notification banner.

Contact Page & FAQS – In terms of how to schedule an appointment or contact your team, the contact page is a good place to post any updated information. We can use an accordion widget to create an organized way to share FAQS. If you already provide FAQS, consider adding information that pertains to the coronavirus pandemic.

Event Registration and Information – Review all the information and registration details you have posted about the upcoming face-to-face events. Assure all the information about events is correct on your website, social, and/or listing platforms. Turn off any online registration options if you happen to be canceling the event. If you aren’t canceling the event, it may be a good idea to state that the event is still scheduled to happen.

Save & Secure Data – Information such as logins to your website and domain registration, CRM, or other tools necessary for operations should be secured. There are tools such as a password-wallet that may assist you with this task. Also, ensure that several trusted employees know where to find this information so that there isn’t a single point of failure, which is quite often for businesses and causes delays when implementing solutions.

Continued Maintenance & Support of your Website – Maintaining and updating your site is the most effective way to keep it secure. Maintenance processes can prevent future malfunctions and costs. Citywide Digital Marketing will continue to manage these issues for our existing clients on a regular basis.

Review Form Notifications – Reduce the chances of missing an email notification from your website forms by using a catch-all email address or alias email that delivers to multiple trusted employees. It is possible that you will miss out on some leads if this practice isn’t managed or a team member is out of the office.

Please call us at (210) 200-8924 or schedule a meeting online to discuss what options are available to increase your business’s chance for success. We will provide you with a complimentary detailed assessment to determine what your current position is in the digital landscape.