The internet has approximately two billion websites in existence and the number one ranked website searched is Google. Averaging roughly three point five billion searches per day, Google is the dominant search engine. It is because of this dominance that you as a business need to utilize Google Business Listings to further grow your exposure. 

What is a Google Business? 

The first question you may have is what exactly a Google Business is. A Google business profile is a way to manage how your business is seen on google services such as google search and maps. A listing is a tool added to your google business profile that allows you to share photos, location, services, and even products of your business. By creating the profile alone you increase your exposure across Google services. 

Why do I need a Google Business Listing?

There are several reasons why you should be using Google business to your advantage. Here are the top 4 reasons to continue or start using this tool. 

1. High Visibility 

When you create a business profile and begin to use google listing your local business becomes more visible to the people in your area. The information you put into the listing is seen, reviews are read and your business is promoted through recommendations and reviews alone. Google services have a wide reach and your listing is added to that. 

2. Reviews 

By using google business you have opened a channel of communication between yourself and your customers. Google reviews can help promote your business and are visible on your google business listing. Reviews also can help better your local search ranking thus gaining more leads and customers for your business. 

3. Insights

When you create a google business profile and listing you gain access to unique features that can assist you in strategy and decision-making to better your business.  These insights include; views, engagement, search queries, audience and clicks on the website link listed. 

4. Trust

The more detail, photos and reviews your listing has the more visible it becomes and the more potential clients trust you with their business. With the e-market booming since the pandemic building loyal customers and providing online resources is a necessity.

To learn more about Google Business Profile optimization or if you would like Citywide to set up your profile please contact us!