Google Announces New Desktop Layout Coming Soon

We’ve talked a lot in the past few blog updates here at Citywide about how Google is consistently announcing new features, functions and designs. Latest in the newest roll-out is an update to the Google desktop interface.

For those who don’t speak geek, the “desktop interface” refers to the design and layout that you see on the Google search page when searching on a desktop computer. Essentially, it means Google is getting a make-over for 2017 that will only (for now) be seen on a desktop device.

What’s New?

Here’s a visual example of what Google’s new desktop layout will look like:


You’ll notice that there’s not a drastic overhaul, per se, but there are some new tidbits that are now packed into the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

First, you’ll notice that Google has integrated a “news” feature that they call “Top Stories.” This new feature will be placed above the maps section and will function as a news-stream with information relating to the keyword you’ve searched.

For example, a search for “Facebook” might include the latest updates and news regarding the social media giant and some of their features and products.

In addition, there’s an expanded “about” section on the right-hand side of the page. While this isn’t a new feature, the SERP showcases more information than the current version. For example, a search for “San Antonio Spurs” would help turn up a Wikipedia-style paragraph about the team, links to the team’s social accounts, the schedule for the next game and important people within the organization.

What Does This Mean?

While the new features are helpful, they do come with some impact on local businesses and how they show up online. Customers who search for a business by name will now be able to see more immediate information about that organization. You customers would be able to see the latest news and updates about your business, the links to your social profiles (which just further explains why you need to not only have them, but also have someone professionally running your social media), as well as information about important people in your business – such as an owner, CEO or CFO).

When coupled with the other updates we’ve discussed in the Citywide SEO Blogs, customers will also be able to see how busy your business is, how long customers tend to stay there, and even what the hours are for various departments within the business (such as hours at the CVS Pharmacy versus the regular store hours). And they can see all of this information in real-time.

Essentially, your customers will have more information and more access than they have currently, and, as a business, you need to update and accommodate accordingly. Better SEO and better profile-building practices will not only help put you at the top of the Search Engine Results Page, but will also help to make sure your customers see a polished, professional web presence when they do.

As Google, Yahoo and Bing continue to update and move forward with more features and accessories, be sure to keep an eye out for your team of digital marketing experts here at Citywide SEO. We’re always willing to help take care of your questions and make sure that you’ve put the best foot forward for your business and for your customers.