Reviews and Referrals are the only constant in marketing Everyone knows that marketing strategies, mediums and approaches are almost constantly in flux. There’s always something new and cutting-edge out there to connect businesses with the customers who keep them open. Every major marketing outlet has had its heyday: billboards, radio, […]

“Wix” Users Get Hit By Google !

ON Oct 29th, 2015 BY / Comments Off On Citywide SEO Earns

If your website was built with Wix’s website builder tool, it’s likely that you are experiencing a major decline in activity due to a recent issue causing numerous sites powered by Wix to drop off the Google index. We have all seen their T.V. commercials offering FREE to low cost […]

Google’s Recent Update: The Pigeon Update

ON Jul 28th, 2014 BY / Comments Off On Citywide SEO Earns

Learn More about Google’s recent Local Maps update that has been changing up search results for local businesses.  Pretty cool information! Check out the article below. Google “Pigeon” Updates Local Search Algorithm With Stronger Ties To Web Search Signal

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